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September Fancy Box Review

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Today is one of those Wednesdays that feel like a Monday. Fortunately it’s over and the weekend is in sight. The high point of the day was coming home to my September Cocha Rocha Fancy box on the porch! And this was a great box!

First is this pair of Slice Tweezers. These sell on for $20. I’m kind of particular about the upkeep of my brows so this is a great item for me!

Next is a set of awesome nail wraps. I keep seeing these really great nail wraps on Instagram and in magazines so I’m excited to try these from NCLA ($16).


I’m a big fan of fashion books (and books in general), so I’m excited to check out Fashion Now ($15).  This book highlights 90 different designers and includes a bio plus photos and other info.

If you’re not really into fashion, this might not excite you but I can’t wait to read it! In fact, it’s probably going here:

I'm sure my husband loves these...


The last item, and my favorite, is this insanely gorgeous envelope clutch by Emilie M ($50).  This is the perfect shade of cranberry and the photo really doesn’t even do it justice.

It has a shoulder strap included (as above) but when removed goes easily from day to night. I’m seriously in love with this thing.

That brings this month’s box total to $101. Again, way more than I paid ($39.99 with shipping) and totally, completely worth it.

Check out for more products or to sign up for your own box!

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