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Rockets of Awesome Kid’s Clothing Subscription

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Trying something new today and talking about kid’s clothes! If this doesn’t interest you, no worries, I’ll have more non-kid content on Monday! For today, check out my Rockets of Awesome review!

You know I’ve always been a big fan of subscription boxes of all kinds – beauty, fashion, French, etc. One thing I’ve never tried though is a clothing subscription box for kids.

Now that I’ve actually got kids, well, a kid and one on the way, I suppose it’s time I check it out! 

I had a friend message me recently that she really loves the Rockets of Awesome clothing box for her son and that I might like it too. She also thought it might make for a fun unboxing video, since Indy has been known to help with some of those. :)

I ordered my first box and Indy and I filmed a quick little unboxing a few days ago. I’ll add the video here, as well as some info, photos, and what I thought of it! (I’ll also show you how to try it TOTALLY FREE!)

Rockets of Awesome Review & Unboxing 

Rockets of Awesome review - JK Style

First, the video with my adorable co-host and model:

And now for some photos/info (if you aren’t a video person):

Basically you pay a $20 styling fee (that will be credited to anything you buy) and submit some info on sizes and preferences for your child. There’s a style quiz and you can rate some different items so they get a feel for what you like.

Fast forward a bit and our box arrived with five different clothing items inside. After trying them on, you get to decide if there’s anything you’d like to keep. I’ve got some photos of Indy below in the different clothes – I didn’t photograph them separately, just as he wore them. :)

Here’s what came in my box:

  • We Are Awesome Tee ($16.50)
  • Essential Zip Hoodie ($26.50)
  • Hockey Colorblock Hoodie ($26.50)
  • Neon Stripe Tee ($19.50)
  • Knit Denim ($39.50)

Rockets of Awesome review - JK Style

The prices are higher than what I normally spend on Indy’s clothes (75% of which come from Target), but I will say that the quality of these clothes was great. The tops were super soft and everything seemed like it would wear well (and perhaps last through Indy’s use for the next kid!).

Rockets of Awesome review - JK Style

You can also save 25% off if you keep everything in the box, meaning if I had kept all of this the price would have been $98, so that’s good to know.

Since I had a $20 credit/discount I put it toward the colorblock hoodie. It was so soft and lightweight and I like the colors. I really loved all the shirts and honestly I might be tempted to buy another, hm…

Rockets of Awesome review - JK Style

The jeans were pretty long on him right now and I still think $40 on jeans for him is more than I’d want to pay, especially since we don’t really go anywhere these days and $10 jeans will suffice. :)

If you want to try this box out totally risk free, use my link and let me know what you think of it! 

Now that I’ve tried this clothing box for kids, are there any others I need to know about? I know Stitch Fix has a kid’s option, maybe I’ll try that next! 

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