Rachel Zoe Box of Style

I (Finally) Tried the Rachel Zoe Box of Style

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I finally tried the Rachel Zoe Box of Style! This is my honest review of the box but I do receive affiliate commission if you try it for yourself! Which you’re now going to want to, just be warned. :)

So, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for years. Years! I finally tried the Rachel Zoe Box of Style (I even talked about it way back here). If you’re not familiar, I’ll catch you up to speed!

If you don’t know who Rachel Zoe is, she was the celebrity stylist for many years and I loved to see her work. (She’s created some amazing red carpet moments!) In the past decade she’s also been a reality star, started a gorgeous fashion line, and now curates her own subscription box. One I’ve been dying to try.

What kept me from trying her quarterly subscription box? It’s $100. Now, I’ve tried a lot of boxes over the years, everything from the PopSugar Must Have box to the FabFitFun box, and do you remember my first box to subscribe to? Most of those boxes ranged from $30-$50 and I sometimes got them at a discount too. $100 just seemed like a much bigger investment! 

The other day I saw an ad on Facebook for the Box of Style winter box and they were showing the items included, plus the gift for new subscribers, plus offering a $25 discount AND it was my birthday AND I had Christmas money so I did it.

My total with discount was $81.92, still pretty high but I’m also counting this as an experiment! The box shipped within a day or two of my ordering it and it just arrived on Monday! 

So, for a $100 box and having followed Rachel Zoe’s career/life for many years, let’s just say my expectations were high

Here’s what I thought of the Winter 2019 Rachel Zoe Box of Style

Rachel Zoe Box of Style review - JK Style

First, I was a little surprised at the large cardboard box that arrived.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style

I expected some fancy packaging and this didn’t look quite right, ha! But, it was just because of my new member gift, this great tote bag. Underneath that (and a couple of Chanel samples) was the actual Box of Style.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style

The box itself was very nice. Nice enough that this is a box I’ll save and reuse. (Might be good storage for accessories?) Either way, it’s nice and I’ll definitely keep it. The box information booklet was also very high quality and includes styling tips for your items. That RZ, she doesn’t mess around. 

RZ Box of Style

Here’s what came inside (and what it was worth!):

The Cleobella Sevigny Cardigan ($228)

Rachel Zoe Box of Style cardigan

Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s worth $228*, making my $80 investment already a wise one. 

*I wanted to know if this is *actually* being sold for $228 and it looks like it is, or was.

This is a great item to throw over a casual jeans and tee look or I think I might wear it over one of my black jumpsuits soon.

B-Low The Belt Camille Wrap Belt ($70)

This vegan leather belt will be one of my new go-tos I’m sure. Here I paired it with the cardigan I received.

winter Rachel Zoe Box of Style cardigan and belt

Ettika Chloe Tassel Necklace ($80)

When I signed up I had a choice to receive either this necklace or a pair of (really pretty) earrings. I thought this was fun so I went for the necklace.

winter Rachel Zoe box necklace

Rachel Zoe x LORAC Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette ($15)

I don’t usually get too excited about eye palettes, since I kind of have my set makeup routine down, but this palette is gorgeous and I want to wear every.single.shade.

LORAC palette

Eddie Borgo The Soho Watch ($115)

OK, this might be my favorite thing in the box. This rose colored metallic watch is so chic and I think I’ll wear it a lot.

rose gold watch

The total worth of these products?  $508. Oh, and did I mention my new member gift for signing up was a Jules Kae Tote worth $150? Meaning this box was worth $658. Whoa!

Jules Kae Tote

**Just out of curiosity I looked to see if I could find these individual items online anywhere and if I could find them all for $80. I found people selling these items on Poshmark:

  • Cardigan $50
  • Belt $25
  • Necklace $22
  • Palette $15
  • Watch $22

The cheapest I could find all these for sale online still comes to over $130, and that’s still without the tote.

Would I Buy This Again?

Definitely. Usually in a subscription box there’s only one or two high quality items that I really like, but I like everything in this one. Would I have paid $228 for that cardigan or $70 for that belt on their own? No, but I definitely would have paid $80 (or $100) for this entire box. 

Another thing I just learned about subscribing to this box is that you have the option to add additional items to your box at huge discounts. (I’m assuming these are items that came in prior boxes, but I could be wrong.)

Has anyone else tried the Rachel Zoe Box of Style? I’d love to know what you think.

**Update, this box is now known as Curateur and you can view my most recent review here!**

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I love this box. I havent got one for awhile as I had to pause it due to financial commitments however it is so bomb. I use the bags still everyday, the jewellery doesnt die in water its actually good quality, got an incredible candle…they put effort it and it feels sooo luxe. Time to resubscribe.

    1. It really is such a great box, I think the quality of the items is pretty outstanding compared to others I’ve tried! Hope you get to try it again soon!

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