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November Popsugar Must Have Box Review

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The theme for the November Popsugar Must Have Box was family & friends/gifting/gratitude/festitivities, and it certainly felt like it! This was a really fun box full of all kinds of surprises!

Popsugar Must Have November Items

In the box this month:

Popsugar Must Have November 2015 Deepa Gurnani headband

  • Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband ($56) – Right away I could tell this wasn’t your ordinary cheap-y jeweled headband. And when I saw it was valued at $56 I knew I was right! This was handcrafted in India and it’s so, so gorgeous! I will be wearing it soon!

popsugar must have november 2015 tarte cosmetics eye shadow

  • Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow ($22) – This was released as a spoiler for the November box and I couldn’t wait to see it in person! These colors are perfect for me and I know I’ll be using it all up!

popsugar must have november west emory bingo set

  • West Emory Bingo Set ($20) – This kind of cracks me up for some reason, I haven’t played Bingo since elementary school! This could be fun for holiday parties, now I’m just trying to decide if my nephews (ages four and six) would be interested in playing Bingo! 

Popsugar Must Have November 2015 Capri Blue Jewel Box

  • Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box in Rain ($18.95) – This would be such a fun gift for someone. It’s a candle, but once it burns out you can use it as a jewelry box! 

Popsugar Must Have November Gramr Gratitude Co.

  • Gramr Gratitude Co. Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack ($10) – These are so fun! I never would have thought to send Thanksgiving cards to people, but I will now! These cards are gorgeous! There was also a coupon included for a Gramr Gratitude Subscription – how fun is this, every quarter you can receive enough cards (stamps and other goodies included!) to send a card a week for three months. I love this idea!

popsugar must have november 2015 terrapin ridge farms pecan honey mustard

  • Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard ($6) – This sounds really good! I’m going to try it soon with chicken and it mentions it’s a great pretzel dip too!
  • Inkdot Gift Card ($20) – this was the bonus item this month. Inkdot turns your photos into prints, coasters, iPhone cases, etc. This should be fun for a personalized Christmas gift! 

Another fun box and worth over $150! So far I’m really enjoying this subscription box! You can get yours here.

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  1. This box looks great! I may just have to subscribe :)

    1. It’s really fun! If you do subscribe code REFER5 will save you $5 off your first box!

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