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My Honest NY&Co Closet Review

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I wanted to try out NY&C Closet, a new(er) clothing rental subscription that allows you to receive and wear new clothes with unlimited swaps. Here are my honest thoughts!

It’s been a few months since I tried a clothing subscription box like Stitch Fix it Wantable, and even longer since I tried a clothing rental box like Le Tote.

A Facebook ad for another clothing rental box recently caught my eye and I figured it might be fun to try!

When is the last time you shopped at NY & Co? For me, I’d guess it’s been years since I last set foot in a store. Back in high school and college it was a frequent stop, but we seem to have grown apart over the years, ha! Their NY&Co Closet offers rentals of their clothing!

I figured this would be a good way to reintroduce myself to the brand and see if one or both of us has changed over time!

Here’s how it works:

What it is

A clothing rental service. Unlike a box like Stitch Fix where you receive items to try at home and then purchase what you’d like to wear, this is a box of clothing meant to be worn and returned (though you can purchase items if you want).

What it costs:

$49.95 a month, plus taxes, is what you’ll pay for a 3 garment plan with unlimited exchanges. Shipping is also free both ways.

How it works:

First you’ll create an online profile and build your closet. Once you’ve added at least eight garments to your closet they’ll be able to build your first box.

I added about 15-20 items I liked for my first box. You can also set some items to “priority” meaning if they’re available they’ll try to send those pieces first.

You’ll then receive your box with three items. Wear them! Again, this is clothing rental, so they are yours to wear out and about.

When you’re ready for new clothes, you put your items in the provided bag and send them back!

You’ll then receive another box of items to wear. Continue as often as you like!

If there is an item you really love, you also have the option to purchase it at a discount.

So, what did I think of my first box?

I liked it!

My Honest NY&C Closet Review

For my first box I received a knit skirt, moto jacket, and pair of pants.

The skirt

NY&C Closet review

I think this was one of the first items I had added to my closet, I liked the interesting design detail.

NY&C Closet review

It’s a faux wrap skirt but with the wrap panel sitting on a different angle. I wore it to church Sunday and got several compliments on my outfit.

The jacket

NY&C Closet review

I thought this pink moto jacket might be fun to try, and it was! I wore it for a grocery shopping trip (doesn’t everyone wear hot pink moto jackets to Walmart?) and it was really comfortable.

I wish I had chosen a size smaller I think I would have liked the fit a bit better.

The pants

I debated on what size to choose for the pants and I was wrong. These pants were cute but too large, so I didn’t wear them out.

NY&C Closet review

I put my items back in the bag, took them to the post office (I could have put them in my mail box had it not been knocked off by a truck a couple of weeks ago, ugh.) and now I’m waiting on my next box!

Would I try it again?

Definitely. I like the idea of renting clothes. I’m not adding to my already overflowing closet but I’m still getting to wear cool new things. Plus, I don’t have to clean them, they take care of that for you!

NY&C Closet pros:

  • A steady stream of new clothes to wear
  • One set price for lots of new options
  • No cleaning needed, send your items back as is, and they’re dry-cleaned.
  • A lot of options for pieces to add to your virtual closet, and it looks like they add new items pretty often.
  • The option to purchase items you really like at a discount. I think all of the items I received would have each been under $40 if I had wanted to keep them.

NY&Co Closet Cons:

  • Some people may think it’s weird to wear clothes that other people have worn (they have been cleaned!).
  • There were a few items I wanted to add to my closet that did t have my size available. If there’s a certain items you’re wanting to wear that week it may or may not work out.
  • You have to call the company to cancel. Ugh. I have read reviews that it’s an easy call to make but still, I would like to be able to cancel online if I want.

Once my second box arrives I’ll update the post with those items and any new info I want to pass along!

This is a totally honest review (I tried this box on my own), but I do have a referral code if you want to try it. You’ll get $10 off your first month and I think I get a credit. Here’s the link if you want to try it for yourself!

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