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My new Le Tote box arrived a few days ago. And one piece in particular has received a lot of wear!

I had picked this dress on their site and was excited to try it.

letote dress


I love the color, but unfortunately it was a little short for me. While my legs aren’t very long (thanks, Mom), my torso is crazy long (thanks, Dad) so I have fit problems occasionally. So back in the box it goes.  Le Tote has recently updated their website and made it easy to rate the pieces they send you. You can tell them if you like the style and if it fits (and if it doesn’t, why: too short, tight, big, etc.) So that’s a great feature!

Next I received this shirt. It’s actually prettier in person than in the picture.



I didn’t love it, so it’s heading back as well.

I have a thing for jackets of all kinds – coats, blazers, jackets, whatever.  And, I love this style.



I really like the belt at the waist and how easy it is to wear. I’ve worn it several times over the last few days, so this may need to stay in my closet permanently.

The two pieces of jewelry:

bracelet earrings



Even though some items are misses, I’ve received a lot of really great pieces. I think it’s a fun way to try out new styles and brands. Want to try it yourself? Go here and sign up!

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  1. The Mossimo glittery bow belt and the glittery iphone case are both so pretty! Love your choices :)


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