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As you’ve seen, I’m loving subscription box sites lately. And I found a new one that just arrived a few days ago – Le Tote. The best way to describe Le Tote is probably like Netflix (the original version, not streaming). For $49.99/month you “rent” items – 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories for as long as you’d like. Once you are ready for new items, you put the pieces in the included envelope, send it back (shipping is already paid) and they’ll send you new items. If there are items you’d like to purchase, just keep them and they’ll charge you for what you don’t send back. You begin with a style quiz and then select items from their “closet”. (I’m not entirely sure if the items they send are all things you’ve “liked” or if it’s strictly to get to know your style.)

The pink heart is something I’ve “liked”.

I got lucky with this one. I initially checked out the site, but didn’t actually place my order yet. A few days later I received an email from Le Tote offering me 20% off my first box – so $39.20 instead of $49.99. I figured I’d try it out. Since I wasn’t sure how soon they would send my box I was surprised a few days later to get an email from Le Tote telling me they were sorry for the delay in shipping my items so not only would they credit my account for 15 days but they would also include a gift for me to keep! Apology definitely accepted. Once I received the shipping notice it took 2 days to get the box. So, if you send your items back pretty quickly, you could easily get 3 boxes exchanged within one month’s time. I was hoping to get some items I could wear for work and I was really pleased with the first box. One dress, one skirt, one jacket, a necklace, and a pair of earrings. Plus a pair of earrings for me to keep (as my apology gift)! The earrings: These earrings are tougher/cooler than I am, but I’ll try! Thanks Le Tote! I was a little nervous about sizing – mostly length. But you give them your actual measurements – bust, waist, hips, and height – as well as your clothing sizes and everything fit great. Best of all things were long enough! (I’m about 5’8.)

I’ll post more pictures at the end of the month showing all the items I receive this month, plus how I styled them, but here’s a sneak peak.



I also like the option of buying any of the items I want. Dresses $50, other clothes $30, necklaces/bracelets $20, and earrings $10.

I’m excited to wear these items over the next few days and then send them back for more! Thanks Le Tote!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great review, Jamie! You did a good job of explaining it to people who haven’t used it yet. I actually received that same dress, and it was one of my favorites. There was one really short dress with a huge keyhole back that I couldn’t wear to work (and I didn’t have a funky party to attend that week), so it was wasted. But that only happened once. Overall–hugely successful. They even allowed me to request no earrings since my ears aren’t pierced, which I didn’t expect to be able to do.

    I think this is a great strategy for people with bad shopping/spending habits who need to spend ONLY $50/month on shopping. For me, I rarely go shopping, so $50/month was causing me to go over budget. It’s also a perfect solution for people who are in a rut with their wardrobe (like me!) but don’t want to actually invest in pieces that are a stretch for them. I want to see the other boxes you receive!

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