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Le Tote Box 2 Review

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I received my second box from Le Tote last Wednesday. Unfortunately I had my wisdom teeth out the next day so I wasn’t even able to really look at my items until today!

While I liked the items in the box, I sent everything back without wearing any of it just because I was more interested to see what I would get next.

In this box I received a dress, skirt, top, earrings and a necklace. The dress and necklace were both items I had “liked” in my Le Tote closet and the others were items similar to others I had selected.

Some of the pictures of the items are from the site, others I took. Because my face is still slightly swollen (and I don’t feel like actually putting on actual clothing/makeup yet) I put the items on a dress form for modeling! (Lazy, but effective.)

Definitely a picture from the site. That is not me.

The dress is really cute; light weight and  with a pretty lace pattern. The fit was good other than being too short for me to be comfortable in. It would be cute with leggings (they actually have a tag on the dress suggesting that) but since it’s still 95 degrees out and I wouldn’t wear it to work, I was fine going ahead and sending it back.

I also received this drape-y coral top. It’s an item that can be worn multiple ways- with jeans, tucked in to a skirt, under a jacket, with a belt, etc., but similar to many items I already own. Cute, but not my favorite. I’m also not a huge fan of this neckline on me.

The last clothing item was this stretchy faux-leather skirt.

I have an hour glass shape, so typically any skirts or dresses with too much stretch are a little too “form fitting” for me to be comfortable in. It really is a cute skirt and I like the the ribbed design on the sides.

I really like this ribbed detail.

Here’s the top and skirt together:

The gold necklace is pretty and I did select it on the site.

This can be worn doubled like above, or in a long chain.

Last, these earrings are cute even if they’re not my usual style.  I would have probably tried them out had I had gone to dinner or out sometime over the weekend, but as I was  in bed icing my swollen face, it didn’t happen. So, back in the mail they go.

All cute items, just none that I wanted to buy or worth keeping when I could send back for another box! In hindsight I wish I would have looked at the items a little closer Wednesday night and gone ahead and mailed them Thursday so I’d be expecting my 3rd box this week!


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  1. Lol, love the disclaimer you had on the first photo. Can you also do a post on CoutureSqd? In case you haven’t heard, it’s a similar service, but they are $35/month, a 30-day rental period, and have some premium brands.

    1. Jamie says:

      I’ve been considering trying them out, your comment may have persuaded me!

  2. Like the coral top and the necklace! I just received my first tote bag today. Check out my review and impression of my first tote bag: http://sfashion903.blogspot.com/


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