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June Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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Nothing like coming home from a long trip to find lots of fun packages waiting for you!  I’ll share some details of my trip tomorrow, but today I’m reviewing the June Coco Rocha Fancy Box! If you’re not familiar, the Coco Rocha Fancy Box is one of several celebrity-curated boxes from Fancy. Each box has more than $80 worth of merchandise inside. (Other celebrity curators include Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicky Hilton, and new to the Fancy family – Snoop Dogg (Didn’t he change his name to Snoop Lion?).

june fancy box 2


Quay Fleur Sunglasses ($45)

quay fleur sunglasses

I’ve received several pairs of Quays now through these boxes and I’ve loved them all! This pair is really fun and I love the gold detail! And apparently Coco really does like them because she’s also been photographed wearing them:
Photo from Quay website
Photo from Quay website


OhSoCoco Cuff ($45)

ohsococo cuff1


ohsocococuff 2

Along with curating a Fancy Box (and her day job as a super model), Coco Rocha also is currently a “guest bartender” for BaubleBar (another one of my favorites!). I’m normally not into wearing logos or items with huge designer names splashed on them (unless it’s Chanel, I’ll carry that logo any day!) but this script is pretty and swirly and doesn’t scream “I’m obviously wearing a Coco Rocha bracelet because you can see her name HERE.” This bracelet is adjustable which is great because I have oddly tiny wrists and most cuffs continuously fall onto my hand. This will be great layered with other bracelets too! 


Fashion Sketchbook ($12.99)

fashion sketchbook


fashion sketchbook 2

I love this! I actually have some similar sketchbooks but they are really big tablets and this sketchbook is easy to throw into a bag! Not being the greatest artist, I always had a hard time sketching designs because my body proportions were always off. This sketchbook already has the figures (the technical term is croquis) printed for you, you just draw the clothing! This will be perfect to throw in my bag and have on hand when inspiration strikes.


Eye Makeup Corrector & Remover ($5.99)

hollywood eye makeup corrector and remover

Another perfect item to throw in your bag for those little eye makeup touch-ups. Contains 24 pre-filled cotton swabs containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to correct and remove eye makeup. Great for travel!
The June box was worth $108.98 and I’m very happy with it! This is definitely one of my favorite subscriptions! If you subscribe, let me know how you like it! For more info, go here. And don’t forget to enter my Nasty Gal Gift Card Giveaway that ends this week, enter here!


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