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Tuesday Tip Day: Julep Quick Dry Drops

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There’s nothing worse than patiently waiting until your nails dry only to find tiny smudges later. Ugh. OK, OK, there are definitely worse things than that, I’m just being dramatic. It IS annoying though. I was a subscriber to Julep for a bit and in one of my last boxes I received a bottle of their TA DA! Quick Dry Drops

quick dry drops


As with a lot of random beauty products I get, I shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it! I finally remembered to try it out and was really impressed!  After a coat of polish on one hand, I took the dropper and added 2 drops to each nail. I painted the other hand and then did the same. No smudging! 
This has a $14 price tag ($11.20 if you’re a Julep Maven) but with the amount you use with each application it should last a really long time. I’d say if you do your own nails frequently this might be a really good investment!

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