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October Ipsy Review

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Out of all the subscriptions I have (and there are a few), Ipsy hasn’t disappointed me once, and this month was no different!

How cute is this bag?


Let’s get straight to the goods here. 5 more fantastic products (plus a fun bonus item)!

I’ve mentioned before that my hair is stick straight and pretty limp. (And if you know me, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Thanks for being my friend anyway.) I’m really excited to try this travel size Blow Dry Volumizing Gel by bigsexyhair. And maybe next time you see me I’ll have fantastically voluminous hair!

This travel size regularly sells for $5


I received this deluxe sample of Vanilla & Cream Hand Cream by be Delectable. I never spend money on lotions and hand creams so I wouldn’t have purchased this on my own. (And I generally don’t love vanilla scented things.) But this stuff smells AMAZING. Plus this is the perfect time of year to get a jump start on keeping my skin soft through the fall and winter. This is sold at Kohls too, so next time you get a coupon in the mail, pick some up (They have other scents too)!

Full size hand cream regularly sells for $9.99


Like most girls, I have about one hundred bottles of nail polish. There’s something so satisfying about buying a new color (even if it looks pretty close to 15 bottles you already own). I’ve received a received a few Zoya nail polishes through Ipsy and have been really happy with the product. This is a fantastic color too!

Giovanna, regularly sells for $8


As much as I love trying new makeup products and skincare, I love things that are simple.  And as much as I have to remind myself to wash my face every night (ok, it doesn’t happen every night), this looks like a good product to try!

The regularly sized product (36 wipes) sells for $9.99

I’ve tried other makeup removing cleansing wipes, so I’ll let you know how these stack up. *** I tried, and I liked. Past makeup wipes I’ve used have seemed to really dry out my skin. These left my skin so soft and smelled great, without leaving a lasting perfume-y smell. Definitely a great option for me when I’m too lazy to actually wash my face at the sink. (Most nights.)

I’ve actually tried this lip gloss before and I’m really glad it was in my bag! I really love Bare Escentuals products, and this is a great lip gloss, ahem, polish.

Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly (full size sells for $19)


Another great thing with Ipsy is that you can earn points through things like referrals or rating products. I had enough points to choose a bonus product, so I chose the NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit. It looks a little intimidating; there’s a lot going on!

9 eye shadows, 2 lip colors

Another great bag! Thanks Ipsy!  Make sure you check out my past reviews and sign up if you’re interested! Definitely worth the $10 a month!

Also, if you’re interested in a chance to win this scarf from JK Style for Kitsy Lane, head to my Facebook page to enter!

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