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July Ipsy Glam Bag 2018 Review

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Happy Tuesday! I successfully made it through my first mini-trip with Indy (though I wonder if he’d call it a success?) and am back in the swing of things. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.  Traveling with Indy on Thursday/Friday was a little exhausting, not so much because of him, but just because of being away from home. I want to be one of those parents who takes their kids places all the time and the children grow up accustomed to travel. We’ll see if I become one of those parents! :) He really did pretty well on the trip, slept pretty much the entire way there and it was just about an hour from home on Friday that he was done. I don’t blame him, that’s usually about the time I’m done too! But we made it, and we were all happy to be home. I am really, really glad I went because it was pretty great to introduce him to my great-aunt.

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And now for the reason you’re really here, the July Ipsy Glam Bag review!

July ipsy Glambag review 2018 - JK Style

Here’s what came in this month’s bag:

  • It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite  – I haven’t tried this before but I’ve heard good things about the brand!
  • APTO Healing Turmeric Mask – I’ve been hearing about the benefits of turmeric for a long time but haven’t tried it! I’m curious to see what the hype is about.
  • Free Hugs B’Livinn Nail Polish in Awesome – Definitely a summery shade, this neon pink reminds me of being a kid!
  • Steve Laurant Blush in Rosé All Day – I like this pinky shade, I think it’s a pretty natural looking blush I’ll like.
  • theBalm Eyeshadow in Nude Beach – Another brand I’ve seen a lot of, but I don’t think I’ve tried! Have you tried it before?

What came in your July bag? If you don’t subscribe, you can sign up here – it’s just $10 a month. And I believe I still have some free bags I can give away on my account so if you’re new to Ipsy and want to try it out, leave me a comment with your: first and last name, and your email address. That’s all I need and you can get a free glam bag! I’ve only got a few to give, so first come, first serve!

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