January Ipsy Bag

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It seems like the months fly by, especially since I feel like I JUST opened my December Ipsy bag.  Where does the time go? This bag is heavy on skin care, which is fine with me since my skin is feeling this dry winter air.

January Glam Bag


Benefit POREfessional


Benefit Porefessional

This is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores so I’m anxious to try. I’ve heard you can’t really do anything about large pores, but hey, I might as well try! I’ll let you know if it works miracles.


Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

I have tried practically every lip balm, scrub, mask, cream, etc. made. My lips have been chapped my entire life so of course I’m a little skeptical of yet another balm. I just put it on and it is so insanely soothing. It’s not too thick but feels really lush and isn’t sticky at all. So far, so good!  Let’s see if it can work some magic!


Balm Me Up Organic Sweet Cocoa & Tangy Body Balm

Balm me up body balm


This smells amazing! It’s a combination of shea butter, sweet orange, lime, and mandarin. It’s a 1 oz. jar, so I’ll have to use sparingly but I’m anxious to try!


Absolute! Makeup Cleaning Tissues

makeup cleansing tissues

I’m so lazy about washing my face every night so on nights I just don’t have the energy, these are great. And I just finished the last pack I received in another Ipsy bag.


 Yabi Liquid Foundation in Buff

yaby liquid foundation


I don’t wear foundation every day, and when I do is usually in powder form. When I had my Sephora makeover last week I tried a liquid foundation and blending sponge that I really liked. I bought the sponge and was needing to buy some liquid foundation to try it out, and voila!  Great timing!

I had enough Ipsy points (earned through referrals and rating products) to choose a free gift this month and I chose this nail kit:

nail kit


I’m not a big fan of rhinestones on my nails, but they have some cool brushes and techniques I do want to try. 

Another great bag! Check out my other Ipsy reviews by clicking Ipsy under “Categories”, or you can just do a search to see all my previous posts.  I really can’t recommend this enough! Again, just $10/month!

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