March Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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I’m pretty sure I view my life in terms of subscription boxes. Seriously, between Ipsy and Fancy I’m always shocked another month has gone by! I received this box over the weekend and LOVED IT.
I was a little skeptical when I picked it up off the porch. It was so light I thought it might be empty! (Spoiler alert- it wasn’t.)

fancy box


This was definitely one of my favorite boxes so far! But I do have a few concerns that I’m being watched –  read on to see why.


“Paris is Always a Good Idea” Tee ($29)

'Paris is Always a Good Idea' Tee

Why yes, yes it is. So much so, that I’m actually going to Paris in a little more than a month! Talk about perfect timing!



Taschen’s Paris ($10)

Taschen's Paris

OK, so is Coco Rocha stalking me or something?  Here’s what she wrote about this item:

Skim through the amazing photographs in this book and you won’t think twice about where you’re headed on your next trip! Paris, here we come!

-Coco Rocha

Yep. Literally my next trip.  



Macaron Jewelry Box ($14)


Macaron Jewelry Boxes by Chambre de Sucre

Perfect for holding my tiny trinkets. I may have to take this on my trip. And now I’m also hungry.


Diamante Leather Bracelet ($29)

Wanderlust Diamante Leather Bracelet


I love this bracelet! The perfect mix of casual and glam.  I mean, I might as well take it to Europe too, right?  The theme of this box is apparently “Jamie’s Trip to Europe”, no? I’m just going to pretend it is. Thanks, Coco!
And that’s the latest box! It was worth more than $80 this time. Which item is your favorite?  If you haven’t signed up for Fancy yet, I HIGHLY suggest it! Even if you don’t subscribe to their boxes, they still have amazing products!  Check it out here! 


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