January Coco Rocha Fancy Box

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Another month gone, another Fancy Box on my porch. This one has some great items perfect for the frigid temps outside! Click the photos for more info or to purchase!


Bag Light ($12)

Bag Light


My front porch light is currently broken and I’m always struggling to 1) find my keys and 2) get them in the door! Having this attached to my bag should help!


Sweet Love by Kusmi Tea ($20)

Sweet Love by Kusmi Tea

I’m not a coffee drinker but I do enjoy the occasional cup of tea in the morning. The package says it’s an “exquisite blend of black tea, spices, guarana and liquorice that stimulates the senses.”  I’ve got to say, this is the best tea I’ve ever tried. It has just the perfect amount of sweetness so you don’t have to add anything to it. I will definitely be buying this once I use it up! If you like tea, try this!


Morning Mug ($15)

Morning Mug

 So fun! As this mug heats up it “wakes up”. This would be a really fun gift for someone! 



Gloves by Echo Design ($35)

Echo Sparkle Fingerless Gloves



There were several different styles available and the pair I received were these gorgeous red ones:



And I looooove that they work with my iPhone. And actually work. I have other gloves that supposedly work with your phone but it gets so frustrating you finally just take them off! 


And that was January’s Coco Rocha Fancy Box! This one valued at approx. $80 which is twice what I paid.  I was happy with it and I’m already excited to see what comes next month! To get your own, go here. And make sure you check out the site tomorrow! (There’s a giveaway!)


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