December Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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‘Tis the season for packages on the porch, right? I do love coming home to a box filled with items from some late night online Christmas shopping, but it’s fun coming home to a gift just for me! I just got the latest Coco Rocha Fancy Box!

 Dec. Fancy Box 1

Once again, no card included in my box. Not sure if this is a permanent thing? There used to be a card included in each box explaining why Coco had picked each item but maybe she’s been busy. :)


This is a Designer T-Shirt t-shirt (on sale currently for $7.20!)

Dec. Fancy Box designer t-shirt


Again, not a t-shirt person but since American Apparel shirts are so soft I may keep it for running/sleeping. 


Shark Bracelet by Sophie Sparrow ($30)

Dec. Fancy Box shark bracelet


Not really my style, so this bracelet might be going back.


Fun Faze Black Light Lipstick in UV-Violet (on sale for $3)

Dec. Fancy Box lipstick


So, purple black light lipstick, also not really my thing. Maybe it can become my thing? (Doubtful.) Perhaps a future Halloween costume accessory?


Travel Kit by evo (on sale for $9)

Dec. Fancy Box evo travel

Probably better plan a trip soon so I can try out these products! ;)


The Polaroid Book ($15)

Dec. Fancy Box polaroid book


This is a pretty great coffee table book! I can’t decide whether to keep it or give it as a gift! Decision, decisions.
And that’s the box! A little lower value than normal since several items went on sale this week, but maybe Coco will get back on track with the boxes next month. 

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