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Winter Curateur Box Review (with Unboxing Video)

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It’s time for a review of the Winter Curateur Box! And make sure you check out the discount code listed at the bottom of the post! This is a GREAT deal!

Guess what? Today’s my birthday! Typically I love birthdays and use it as an excuse to celebrate all month long (sometimes longer), but this year I’m kind of “meh” about the whole thing. 

My usual tradition of spending the time shopping and eating at a favorite restaurant is out, so I’m kind of at a loss of what to do to make the day feel any different than normal. Maybe I just won’t attempt to clean anything today? :)

I did do one fun thing for myself – all my post-Christmas shopping purchases have been arriving (yay for Christmas money!) and I’ve been saving them to open this week, including the winter Curateur box!

I knew this box was going to ship late and really I kind of forgot about it until it appeared on the my porch a couple of days ago. There’s an unboxing video below, so if that’s your thing, check it out! And if it’s not your thing, you can see pics and info below.

Winter Curateur Box Review

What’s Inside

  • CUSHNIE Grey Horizon Ombre Scarf ($150) – This is such a gorgeous scarf and I love the color palette. I’ve received so many great wraps and scarves from this box – all things I actually use and wear. I love how versatile this one is too – it’s large enough to wear as a wrap but not so bulky that it looks funny as just as scarf! Perfect. CUSHNIE Grey Horizon Ombre Scart
  • Understated Leather Crescent Clutch ($110) – A super chic clutch made from vegan leather that includes a detachable crossbody chain. This is something I know I’ll want to carry…when I actually go somewhere one day. :) This was the “choice” item in the box, you could choose between black or white.Understated Leather Crescent Clutch - Winter Curateur Box Review
  • Amber Sceats Emery Cuff ($169) – This gold cuff is SO beautiful. And clearly something I would never have bought on my own! (Most of my jewelry purchases are in the under-$15 range!) This looks like a piece of artwork and I know I’ll wear it a lot!Amber Sceats Emery Cuff - Winter Curateur Box Review
  • TALIANNA Lilypad Catchall Tray ($75) – I can always use another trinket tray, especially one this pretty. This is a nice size too, about 7″ long and it could be used really anywhere in the house. (Though in my house it will probably stay in my bedroom so as not to hold tiny dinosaur toys or crumbs.)TALIANNA Lilypad Catchall Tray - Winter Curateur Box
  • Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy ($28) – I am really excited to try this out. As someone with chronically dry lips I’m always up for trying something new! I’ll report back on it. Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy - Winter Curateur Box
  • Rachel Zoe Perfume Samples – This was the little freebie included in this month’s box, some scent samples which are as chic as they are lovely-smelling. Rachel Zoe Perfume samples

Normally there are 1-2 things in a typical subscription box that I’m really excited about, 1-2 that I know I’ll like OK, and then another 1 or 2 that I know I just won’t use. Not this case with the winter box, I am really loving ALL of these things!

And with considering the products retail at over $530 I am more than happy with the value versus what I paid. You can see my most recent review here!

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Winter Curateur Box Review - JK Style


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