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Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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 I’m confused as to whether this is the September or October box. It always ships right at the end (or beginning) of the month so I’m never quite sure! Anyway, this month’s Coco Rocha Fancy Box is here! Keep reading for my full review! 

 coco rocha fancy box


Ice Cream Swirl Notebook ($12)
coco rocha fancy box ice cream swirl notebook
I am always carrying around notebooks with me, you never know when you need to jot down a grocery list or a reminder for later. Plus, I’m always having brilliant ideas that need to be recorded! I love the design of this notebook and it will be used! 


Happy Days Mug ($10?)
coco rocha fancy box happy days mug

coco rocha fancy box happy days mug inside

I couldn’t find a value for this online but I’m going to guess it’s around $10. I’m not a coffee drinker but I love a good cup of hot tea on cold mornings! How cute is this mug?



Brain Eraser ($10)
coco rocha fancy box brain eraser
This eraser is the most random item in the box for sure, but one I’ll probably get some use from! Along with my notebook affinity, I also love writing with mechanical pencils. Is that weird? It probably is.



 Druzy Pebble Studs ($30)
coco rocha saressa design pebble studs
Probably my favorite item in the box this month, I love these earrings! Simple and one of my favorite colors! I know I’ll wear these a lot.



Cloud USB Hub ($12)
coco rocha fancy box cloud usb hub
Now this USB hub will definitely come in handy! It’s compatible for both Mac and Windows and you can connect up to four devices. 



Damask Decorative Packing Tape ($7)
coco rocha fancy box red tape
So fun! I would probably never have bought this tape on my own, but I think it will be fun for fancy-ing up packages! Perhaps if you win a JK Style giveaway you might see it! 


This box has a value of about $81 based on my research and best guesses. This time there were more lower-priced items but it made it fun to have so many things to pull out of the box! This is still one of my favorite boxes and probably the one I look forward to receiving the most! If you want to try it yourself, go here.


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