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Coco Rocha Fancy Box: Gym Edition

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I love how there’s usually a theme to the Coco Rocha Fancy boxes. Last month’s theme was obviously Paris, which I loved, and this month it’s all about hitting the gym! 
First up:

Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag ($18)

Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag

My bag is black with grey straps and it’s a really great size. While I don’t technically go to the gym (does the Pilates studio count?), this should still be useful!



Flavor It To Go ($20)

Flavor It To Go

This is probably the item I’m most excited about this month. I only drink water and I’d love to be able to add some cucumber or lemon occasionally!




#Gymselfie Mirror Tank ($28)

#GymSelfie Tank

Uh, yeah. I can’t even handle a regular “selfie”. Probably not going to start posting pics of myself pre/post workout. (If I do, please someone contact my family as clearly something has happened to me.) This is either headed back to Fancy for exchange or will be slept in. 



Happy Plugs Deluxe Gold Earbuds ($35)

Gold Earbuds by Happy Plugs

I’m pretty excited about these. I’ve been needing some new earbuds and these seem like they’ll be good quality. They have a mic and remote and should be great for travel!
Another great box!! (Worth over $100!) Get yours here!


** Special Announcement!!**

Next week is Oklahoma Fashion Week!!  Not only am I excited to share with you the weeks’ activities, but I’m happy to also be covering the events for!  Make sure you check back every day next week for updates!!!

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