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Coco Rocha Fancy Box April 2014 Review

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Opening this month’s Coco Rocha Fancy Box, I was a little bit confused, but very much amused. (Sorry for the lame rhyme.) I’m not exactly sure of the theme this time, and while there were no fashion or beauty items included, I’m really liking this month’s box! It’s so quirky and AWESOME.


Squirrel Cushion ($50)

Squirrel Cushion by Ohh Deer


How totally unexpected is this? While I would have never in a million years purchased this on my own, it does actually go with the color scheme of my living room and it’s so hilariously not me, that I kind of like it! 



Merkury Hexagon Bluetooth Speaker ($40)

Merkury Hexagon Bluetooth Speaker

 I LOVE THIS THING. Seriously. I had it set up in less than a minute and the quality is amazing! Plus, it takes up almost no room and looks more like a decorative piece than a speaker! I don’t currently own a bluetooth speaker, just some iPod/iPhone docks, and this is way more convenient to use! 


Merkury Hexagon Bluetooth Speaker




CMYK Color Coasters ($15)

CMYK Color Print Coasters


So, these are awesome. Not only are they cool used as coasters, but since each is based on the CMYK color model, these coasters refer to the four inks used in color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Which means that when they’re stacked together you get this:

CMYK Coasters Mona Lisa


FOR REAL. I mean, come on. How cool is this?
You guys, my house is slowly becoming one of those houses that looks like it’s been decorated solely by using items found in art museum gift shops (they have the best gift shops). OK, a slightly lame and much more cluttered version of that. One Coco Rocha Fancy Box at a time.  Seriously. Sign up right this second. 
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