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The Vast of Night is Here!

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The Vast of Night release is (almost) here! Read on to see how you can see this new movie THIS weekend!

Since I heard that Amazon picked up The Vast of Night I’ve been sooooo excited to see it. (OK, technically, I’ve already seen it.) I heard there would be a theatrical release and I could not wait to see this movie in a theater! Seriously, how cool is that!?

And then the world came screeching to a halt two months ago and I knew that the whole “getting to see a movie that I costumed in a THEATER” was probably not going to happen. 

I set up Google alerts for info on the movie and I happened to see one a few weeks back about how VON might play in some drive-in theaters. Then, I was browsing (you know, where I get my news) and saw an article about the movie on there! Amazon was going to be releasing the film to drive-in theaters across the country ahead of it being available on Prime video.

The Vast of Night release

How cool is that? I was really thinking that for me to see it I’d have to travel to the Dallas area or somewhere else to see it, but get this, it’s showing in a town 20 minutes from where I live!

Here’s a list of theaters who are showing it, but check with your local theaters too, I know there are others who aren’t on the list! 

If you think I’m not going to be wearing a stolen-from-set dress to the showing, you’d be wrong. :)




My Vast of Night Release Look

Vast of night release dress

Oh, and here’s a pic of the actress who wears it in the film, so you can spot it when you see it!

Vast of Night dress
(I changed out the buttons)

Please let me know if you see it!

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The Vast of Night Release

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