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The Time I Did Wardrobe on The Vast of Night

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Remember a couple of years back when I moved to Texas for a bit to do wardrobe for indie film, The Vast of Night? It’s one, if not, the biggest project of my styling career for sure. A period film (1950s), on location (moving to Texas), with hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds) of extras to dress (in period clothing).

The Vast of Night behind the scenes - JK Style

It was quite the undertaking and honestly, it’s one of the biggest highlights of my styling/wardrobe career. It was the most creatively rewarding experience I’ve had and a great memory I had tucked away.

Until the past few days when all those memories have become untucked! The Vast of Night just had it’s world premiere at the Slamdance film festival a few days ago (and had another showing last night). It’s nominated for Best Narrative Feature.

The reviews coming out have been pretty great too, with a few even mentioning the costuming being spot-on. Which is about the biggest compliment I could receive for my work here! :) One in particular even gave me an actual shout-out. They were impressed by the big gym scene too I guess!  (You need to watch the trailer below, just to see the # of people we were dealing with!)

The Vast of Night behind the scenes - JK Style

With my work on Splendry I’ve taken on fewer individual styling jobs over the past few years but kept up the commercial work, styling some in-house corporate video work, another indie movie, and some odds and ends, but really, thinking about this experience has me itching to get back into it more.

The Vast of Night behind the scenes - JK Style

Maybe this premiere will give me some new opportunities, which would be awesome! I love my Splendry work but styling and wardrobe is embedded deep down in my genetic makeup and I don’t think I can (or want) to shut it off any time soon!

You can read more about my experiences while shooting here. And check out the full movie trailer here!

The Vast of Night behind the scenes - JK Style

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  1. Clint Barr says:

    The picture of the red 55 Chevrolet that is posted above is my dads. That is awesome that out of all the cars and scenes you posted the picture of my dads car. I went to school at that school in Whitney. This movie was awesome!

    1. That’s awesome! And so glad you enjoyed the movie!

  2. Kent says:

    AMAZING FILM! Every detail was perfect, including wardrobe.

  3. Guy Pridy says:

    This movie was great! And the costumes were awesome. You should be very proud!

    1. Thanks so much! I loved this experience!

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