What I Wore: September 2019 Outfits I Loved

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I thought it might be a fun addition to the blog to add a monthly roundup of some of the outfits I wore throughout the previous month. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely since most of them, but if not, here’s a look at what I wore in September!

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What I Wore: September 2019

what i wore september - JK Style

Look 1:

This beautiful blue dress came from my last Stitch Fix box and I get sooooo many compliments on it! How perfect would this be for a fall wedding? (Just realized I have no fall weddings on my calendar, someone get married, please!) You can try Stitch Fix using my link and you’ll get a $25 credit (full disclosure, I will too!)

As far as this dress goes, I can’t find it anywhere online except for Poshmark, so that might be a good place to find it if you’re interested!

What I Wore September - JK Style

What I Wore September - JK Style

Look 2:

I picked this dress up on a quick stop at my local Marshall’s a few weeks back. It’s a gorgeous shade of green and it’s exactly the dress I was looking for a few months back for my brother’s wedding. (Of course.)

The fit is perfection, the color makes my green eyes pop and the midi-length is on-trend for fall – and much easier for me to navigate my toddler-mom life in than something shorter!

What I Wore September - JK StyleWhat I Wore September - JK Style

Look 3:

If you don’t already own a black maxi dress, I highly, highly recommend it. I wear this one (also from Marshall’s) ALL the time, and luckily, I’ve picked up a few tricks for styling it in different ways.

Pairing it with a simple button down blouse, that I knotted at the bottom, gives it a more casual vibe and is my ideal outfit for errand-running.

Also, those earrings are Kendra Scott and, of course, I got them half off.

Paris top - What I wore in September -JK Style

Look 4:

I wore this outfit a few Sundays back. First, to church, followed by a trip to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to visit an exhibit that was about to end (OK readers, did you go see the Monet, Van Gogh, etc. exhibit??).

I bought this top at a little shop in Paris on my last trip and it’s one of my all-time favorites. I posted on Facebook about how it’s one of those tops I love but don’t wear too much for fear of something happening to it, but that I’m trying to change my mindset! I want to make new memories in my “special” clothes all the time! And if something should happen to it, another trip to Paris to find something special will be just fine. ;)

red Calvin Klein jumpsuit - What I Wore in September - JK Stylered Calvin Klein jumpsuit - What I Wore in September - JK Style

Look 5:

The jumpsuit. Are you tired of seeing it yet? Sorry, not sorry. I just love it so much! Another amazing Marshall’s find. (Marshall’s, why are you not sponsoring this post??)

I love everything about this red Calvin Klein jumpsuit. The gorgeous color, the tucks at the waist, the fluttery sleeves, and mostly, the $49.99 price tag.  I wore it for the first time last weekend to the opera (I sound much fancier than I actually am, I promise.) and felt fabulous in it.

I found a couple options online for you if you can’t find it in your local Marshall’s. This one is just a little more expensive than what I paid for mine, and this is the jumpsuit in black (but it’s cheaper too!) Now that I think about it, do I need this jumpsuit in black too? You know what, don’t answer that. 😊

Just a small glimpse of what I wore in September! Now, on to October. (Come on, fall weather!)

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