What I Wore: My Night at the Emmy Awards

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I went to the Emmy Awards over the weekend! Now don’t get too excited…I wasn’t hobnobbing with your favorite celebrities, well, unless your favorite celebrities are local news anchors and meteorologists. In that case, you should be very jealous! ;) Both my brothers work in the world of television/news/advertising, etc. and were nominated for a regional Emmy award together so when my brother Marcus told me he had an extra ticket I thought it might be fun to tag along! I’m really glad I did, it was a fun night with my brothers and my sister-in-law, Aubrie, and the best part was that they won!

2016 Heartland Emmy Awards

First, can we take a moment to appreciate my brother Marcus’s hair? Good grief it’s pretty. He is regularly stopped by strangers telling him how beautiful his hair is.

And what does one wear to the regional Emmy Awards you might ask? Well, I asked too. The dress was more cocktail than formal and after doing the classic “I have nothing to wear” thing, my mom suggested my black and white skirt I picked up in Paris last fall. I paired it with an H&M top I bought in Vienna back in 2002 (yes, it’s 14 years old!), some black heels, a fun necklace and my bright yellow chain strap bag.

2016 Heartland Emmy Awards
Note to self, close the bag *before* you take the photo!

A closer look at the necklace. I bought this at Aldo a few months back. It was so stunning that I knew I needed it and it just so happened to be on clearance for $16!

what i wore to the emmy's necklace


And one of my favorite things about the night’s look? You’ll have to check back on Friday to find out!

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