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Over the weekend I celebrated my six year wedding anniversary! Am I still considered a newly-wed? What’s that time frame? Anyway, I spent some time looking over wedding photos and thought I’d share a little about my wedding style!


When my husband and I were dating I was managing a boutique that was right next door to a bridal boutique. (Convenient, huh?) There was a dress in the window that I adored. Off-white, boatneck, fitted waist. I wouldn’t allow myself to do anything but window shop until I had a ring on my finger but once I was “formally engaged”, it didn’t take long before I made that first appointment! I tried that dress on and: nothing. It was a pretty dress, but it just wasn’t spectacular. And your wedding dress has to be spectacular, right?

So, I tried on everything. Even styles I didn’t think I’d like. Ball gowns, mermaid styles, everything. And then I found “the one”. I wore Maggie Sottero’s Jordana dress and it was, and still is, the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve seen in person. (And others have told me the same!)



For bridesmaids, I wanted something classic and that flattered everyone. (I had 10 bridesmaids so that’s a lot of different shapes to consider!) I opted for black tea-length dresses that we added black satin sashes to. You know how every bride tells you, “You can totally wear it again!” Well, my bridesmaid dresses have actually been worn again! 

How many bridesmaids does it take to get dressed?

How many bridesmaids does it take to get dressed?







And of course, the shoes were a pretty important decision. 





For jewelry, I wore some pearl-drop earrings, and my Meema’s pearl necklace wrapped as a bracelet.


I didn’t want a wedding band because my engagement ring has side stones in the band and I love how simple and striking it is.




I recently spoke to a future mother-of-the-bride who asked me the rules about what she was supposed to wear. She thought she had to go the pastel route, but I told her my mom wore hot pink, so if her daughter was on board, go for whatever you want! (It’s kind of the mom’s day too, you know.) Isn’t the hot pink perfect?


And, of course, the best part of the whole wedding was getting to marry this guy:




Six down, 60 more to go!

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