Warby Parker Trial and Review

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Let’s talk glasses today! I got my first pair of glasses when I was in the fourth grade. They were mint green wire frames with pink flecks (and I probably still have them somewhere). I wore those until I got my first pair of contact lenses in the sixth grade and never looked back. Glasses weren’t my thing. Fast forward 20 years (good grief, 20 years?!?) and while I’m still typically a contact lens girl, the idea of cute glasses is way more appealing than it used to be! I’ve got a pair of dark brown frames that I pull out ever great once in a while but I’m thinking I could use an update! I’ve been wanting to try out Warby Parker for a while now and thought it was the perfect time!

Warby Parker glasses review and trial on JK Style

I’m teaming up with Warby Parker today to talk eye wear. Specifically, cool glasses that you can try on in the comfort of your own home! In case you’re not familiar with the company, Warby Parker was founded on the idea that eye wear was simply too expensive. (Very true!) They also believe that everyone has the right to see! With almost one billion people in the world who lack access to eye wear, that’s 15% of the world who can’t see effectively. And as someone who definitely CANNOT see without assistance, I can’t imagine how difficult that life would be! Warby Parker partnered with VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses that is sold, a pair is distributed to their nonprofit. You can read more about their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” here, as well as a lot of interesting info on the company, including their design process.

I hopped on their website and chose my five frames to try on at home and within a few days the box was at my door!
Warby Parker shipment

Warby Parker package

Warby Parker Package of Glasses

Warby Parker Glasses

I chose these frames to try one:

glasses warby parker

warby parker glasses

Now the fun part, trying them on!

warby parker glasses home try on

My favorites are on the top, and I think the top left (Finch) might be the winner, but I really like Hardy too! Now all I have to do is send the glasses back (they provide the shipping label so all I have to do is stick it on the box!). Then I can go online and order the pair I liked the most! $95 for cute glasses? Sounds good to me! And if you’re one of the lucky few who don’t need glasses, Warby Parker also has a great selection of sunwear (you can get prescription sunwear too!):

warby parker sunwear


Warby Parker just released their new collection for fall, and I’m already picking out my favorites, look at these gorgeous glasses!

warby parker fall collection 2015

warby parker fall collection 2015 2

I’m kind of in love with Caspar! How great would they be with jeans and your favorite jacket?


styling warby parker caspar

And maybe Barnett. Wouldn’t they be perfect with a full skirt and sweater?


styling warby parker barnett


And Gilbert would be so easy to pair with a really casual look or a look for a night out!




All these frame styles start at $95, so maybe I don’t have to pick between them at all! This collection (affiliate link) is available in stores and online TODAY, so make sure you check them out! 



Originally published September 10, 2015

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