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Tuesday Tip: Defining Your Style, Part 1

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Do you know what you like? Really? That may sound like a silly question but it’s not surprising to find yourself buying items that end up sitting untouched in your closet because they’re not really you. I’ve got a few tips today for defining your style and finding the clothes that really make you feel good!


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1. Do Some Research
Not really sure what you like? Spend some time window shopping and notice what items really speak to you. Do you like clean lines and simple design? Flowy, romantic looks? Comfortable and casual pieces? Note the difference in things that you like and things you like but don’t think you’d want to wear. That’s the critical piece here! 
2. Do Some More Research
Sorry, you’re not done yet! Grab some store catalogs or a fashion magazine or two. Mark pages with items that you like. Go back though and see what these items have in common. Do you gravitate towards lace? Are sequins your thing? What about items with a bit of a rock’n roll vibe?

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3. Find Some Inspiration
Whose style do you adore? Love your sister-in-law’s style? What about that mom you always see at school events? What about your favorite television character? When I first started my business I can’t tell you how many clients told me that they wanted to look like Teri Hatcher’s character on Desperate Housewives!


4. Name It (Or try)
Now that you’re getting an idea of what you like, try to come up with a few words to describe it. Modern, whimsical, edgy, vintage, classic. Pick a few that resonate. 



5. Think Back
Remember those days when you felt your absolute best? What were you wearing? Use this as a reference point so you can pinpoint what you like. Why wouldn’t you want to feel your absolute best every day? 


6. Check Your Closet
I’ve got a closet full of fitted blazers and sophisticated little black dresses. Think maybe that’s part of my style? You bet. If there’s a particular item that always pulls you in, take note! While you’re in there, see what items are hanging in there that you never wear. Or don’t even like! Don’t forget that Pinterest closet too! You’ve already been pinning, you just didn’t know it was research! 


It may take some time and experimentation, but you’re getting there! And now that you’ve got an idea of what you like, it’s time to get busy. Next Tuesday I’ll have some tips on how to shop once you’ve defined your style! And if you think you’ve got a word or two that define your style, leave a comment and let me know! 


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