Tuesday Tip: Defining Your Style, Part 2

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Now that you’ve got an idea of what you like and maybe even a few words to describe it, it’s time to get shopping! (If you missed it, find Part 1 here!) Today I’ve got some tips on how to approach shopping with your new-found sense of style!

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1. Who Are You?
A few things to consider – your age, your job, your day-to-day activities. You may love a romantic ball gown, but unless you have a reason to wear it, it’s kind of a waste of money, right? Similarly, a closet full of designer stilettos won’t go too far if you spend your days as a kindergarten teacher and your nights watching your kids play t-ball games. Keep this in mind when you start shopping. Will you really ever wear it? If the answer is no, skip it and find an item that fits your lifestyle while still fitting your fashion style.

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2. Make it Work
If those spiked heels speak to you, but not your conservative day job, maybe save those for after hours and think of other elements you can utilize. Maybe a cardigan with subtle stud details, or a zippered pencil skirt. You don’t have to sacrifice style for the office dress code, just make it work with your style!

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3. Be Leary of the Clearance Rack
The clearance rack might be the biggest obstacle in trying to stay true to your style. Sure that lace dress/studded jacket/designer bag is majorly discounted, but does it fit your style? If not, just walk away. Spend a little more for something you’ll actually want to wear!


4. Stay True to Yourself
I’m right there with you. I’ve purchased many items in the past that weren’t me, and yet, I tried to make them work only to find I just didn’t feel like myself when I wore them. The fact is, I’m not a Bohemian-style girl. Or a romantic/lacy/ruffles girl. Or a cute t-shirt and jeans girl.  I think those styles are great, they’re just not me.  And the things that are me, like fitted jackets and tailored dresses, well, I know they’ll always have a place in my closet. And they’ll be worn!


5. Practice
You’re going to have to just get out there and start trying. You’ll make some mistakes (What was I thinking with that weird crochet-style top?), but keep on trying and you’ll get there!


6. Relax!
Don’t take yourself too seriously (in all areas of life!). If you’d describe your style as Modern Chic but want to give that vintage dress a try, I’m not stopping you here! Experiment with your style and take some chances!

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