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Tuesday Tip Day: Keep it Classy

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There can be a fine line between classy and trashy. And that’s a line you never want to cross! I’ve got a couple of tips today for keeping things classy.


1. If wearing an animal print, keep your silhouette less sexy and more lady-like.  

leopard classy



2. Same goes for leather. Leather can be sophisticated and polished if worn correctly. Skip anything too tight or short (always a good rule to follow!) and look for pieces a little more chic.

leather classy



3. Keep things balanced. If you’re wearing a fitted top, go for a bottom with a little bit of volume.  Same goes the other way, if your skirt or pants are very fitted (never tight!) look for a looser or flowy top.





4. Likewise, only choose one of your fabulous assets to highlight! Have amazing legs? Show them off in a shorter (notice I said shorter, not short!) skirt/dress, but keep it covered on top! Showing too much skin is never classy!

just right


short and sweet


5. If you think it might be too low / tight/ short/ revealing, etc., it probably is! Throw a cardigan over that tight cami. Wear some tights under that short skirt, throw a bandeau top under that low cut blouse. All easy ways to keep things classy!

classy additions

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