Things You’re Too Old to Wear

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Hang on, before you read this title about things you’re too old to wear and click to comment about “this is what’s wrong with women’s fashion!”, read the whole thing. :)

The Complete List of Things You’re Too Old to Wear

things you are too old to wear - JK Style

1. Things you don’t like

That’s it.

You’re too old (and I don’t even know or care how old you are) to be wasting your precious time on earth feeling like someone you’re not. If you’re a bold, energetic, fun person who’s feeling like a fraud in her khakis and blush sweater-set, FIX IT!

If you’re feeling too buttoned up in your pencil skirts and blazers and dream of frayed hemmed jeans and knotted tees, fix it.

If you’re frustrated that the clothes in your closet don’t fit your personality or body and hate the task of getting dressed in the morning (leading you to just throw on “whatever” and go, it’s time to fix it.

You have the ability to change your style and the way you dress, no matter how old you are! Not sure where to start?

First, read this entire website, all 975 posts. Kidding! But really, take a look around, especially at the “style” category, I try to help you figure things out and give you new ideas!

Second, start thinking about the things you would wear if money/career/lifestyle weren’t a factor. (One tip? Whatever style you like, it’s in your budget!) What celebrity looks do you love? What character on your favorite show always has the best clothes? Who in your life (that you actually know) is always wearing things you’d love to own?

Just a few things to start thinking about while I work on getting my series on “how to determine your personal style” started! More to come SOON! :)

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