The Struggle is Real

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I did something kind of dumb yesterday. I made an impulsive statement without really thinking about the consequences of how it would affect my life and now I have to face it. This is seriously one of the harder things I’ve ever had to do, all because I didn’t think through what I was saying.

OK, just kidding, it’s not that serious. :) In fact, it’s not serious in the slightest. But, it is going to be a killer of a week.

So what did I do that was so rash and life-altering? I declared I wasn’t going to wear black all week long.

I mean, I wear black almost daily. I own SOOOOO many black things. Black dresses, black jumpsuits, black tees and tanks, black shoes, black jackets. Ugh. Me and my big mouth. (Wait, my mouth had nothing to do with this. My fingers did all the typing!)

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See what I mean? These are all recent outfit photos. 

But really, I have way too many clothes in my closet to be wearing the same things over and over. If nothing else, this will help me get some new ideas, right?

It’s cute though, right?? Allison Joy Jumpsuit from Evereve

Just can’t stop with the black! Versona jumpsuit (old)

But really, so much black in my closet!! (I’m going to guess you’ve got lots of black too!) And of course Friday for JK Style May the prompt is “blackest black”, so obviously this was poor planning, haha!

SO. Who’s going to join me on my quest this week to introduce some other colors back into their wardrobe?! My ultimate goal is to go completely black-free, even shoes and accessories, but I might give in to that in a pinch! We’ll see.

We can do it!!! (And if not, eh, we kind of tried.)

Let me know if you’re joining in!!


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