Tech Tuesday Roundup

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Let’s talk technology and clothing projects! Here’s a little “Tech Tuesday” roundup of some cool things happening! 
1. Color Changing Clothes


Photochromia just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch a line of clothing that changes colors when it is exposed to sunlight. New patterns and colors are exposed once UV hits the fabric, pretty cool! 


2. Astronauts are designing a shoe
thesis couture high heel
Seriously, scientists are trying to design a comfortable high heel! Thesis Couture is working with rocket scientists and astronauts on a comfortable shoe that you’ll actually want to wear (no clunky “comfort” heels here). Shoes go on sale this fall starting at $900, but future versions are expected to retail for closer to $350. If we can send people to the moon, surely we can design a comfortable shoe, right?


3. A Digital Clutch

elektronista clutch


Just a regular ‘ol clutch? Think again! While the Elektronista Digital Clutch can function as a regular bag, another zipper reveals a lot more! Not only do you have slots for every electronic you could need (phones, chargers, tablets, etc.), it’s got a battery pack for charging too! 

electronista clutch inside


I think I’m going to need one of those bags! And the comfortable heels, of course!


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  1. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    very nice! :)

  2. Mai T. says:

    The clutch looks like some thing I could use! I just throw all my stuff into the bag every morning unorganized.

    1. I know! I could definitely use one of these!

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