Style Tips – Part 2

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I’m back with a few more easy style tips for looking your best. But first, let’s review the first five. Don’t worry, they’re easy to follow too! Got it? Good. Now for the rest:

easy style tips - JK Style

5 (More) Easy Style Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to branch out

Make sure you have a good ratio of basics/trends and colors/neutrals. With the right ratio you’ve got countless looks!

If you’re afraid to embrace a trend fully, slowly ease it in in a small way- a lace tee under your classic jacket, the “hot” color for your bag. Once you feel comfortable, keep experimenting. Remember that trends are not for everybody; find what you like!

2. Get a second opinion if you’re not sure

Don’t be afraid to have someone give their opinion. Sometimes it’s difficult to see your closet differently. A new set of eyes can sometimes create fresh ideas or give honest feedback.

3. Shop your own closet

Browse style blogs (like this one perhaps??), magazines, and pick out outfits you like. You might just already have some of the items you need to put it together. 

Think about the many ways to wear one item (any item can be worn many ways) and create some new looks using what you already have.

4. Set the right foundation

Make sure you have proper fitting undergarments. Have a bra fitting done at least once a year (or every six months preferably), or more often if you’ve experienced any weight loss or gain.

The proper underwear will save you from worry and will ensure there are no distractions like underwear lines, ill-fitting bra bulges, etc.

5. Be yourself!

At the end of the day, wear the clothes you love that make you feel good!  Don’t dress to become someone else.

If you love full skirts and vintage sweaters, go for it. More of a jeans and flowy top kind of girl? You do you. Find your style and embrace it!

I hope these easy style tips help you feel more confidant in getting dressed each day. Have a specific question about find your style or shopping? Feel free to ask!

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