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Why I do a Daily Style Challenge on Instagram

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I have a confession to make. I’m a little nervous putting this out here on the internet because my intention is not to offend anyone.


One of my biggest fears about becoming a mom was looking like one.

Now before you think I’m super vain, rest assured that fear was well below things like fear of health issues or not being a good mom, etc.

But still. I didn’t want to “look like a mom”. (Whatever that means.)

Let’s stop there. If you’re most yourself in your yoga pants or your jeans and coffee mug tee, great: go live your best life in that coffee mug tee.

I however, don’t feel like me in this stuff. And since having Indy I do find myself in athletic clothes or even the clothes I slept in a lot more often than I use to. For me, this was something I wanted to change.

I like clothes. I like getting dressed in the morning. I like putting together an outfit that makes me feel good.

And I want to do it more often!

One of the ways I’m working on it is to participate in the JK Style monthly challenges I do on Instagram! I started my style challenges almost 2.5 years ago (wow!) and it’s still going strong!

And while I don’t participate every day (life happens), lately I’ve really been making an effort if for no other reason than to get my brain going in the morning to put together an outfit.

It’s been a great way to make me pull clothes from the back of my closet (so much hiding in there I forget about!) and re-work things in different ways!

I haven’t worn this chambray shirt in years I bet!

It’s also fun to see other people’s take on prompts like “print mixing” or “monochromatic Monday”. I like getting ideas from others on how to wear a striped tee or floral dress. It’s fun and it keeps me on my toes!

If you find yourself in a bit of a fashion rut or just needing some inspiration, join my challenge! You can follow along on Instagram, or just use the calendar below to help you get dressed each day. You’ll see that it’s pretty open to interpretation!

If you do decide to play along on Instagram, make sure you say hi! There’s a fun group of women participating every month and it’s a fun community of style-lovers! Find me on Insta- JKStyle1

Daily photo outfit challenge - JK Style

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