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What Helps Me Get Dressed Every Day

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If you didn’t see my Instagram post from yesterday, I was talking about how “mom” style. Yesterday I wore a cute, but very functional outfit (great for getting up and down off the floor) and it got me to thinking about how my style has changed since having Indy, or wondering if it even has.

The stereotype of “mom style” has been around for a while: yoga pants, tee-shirt, sneakers and hair in a messy bun, and I admit, this has definitely been my “outfit of the day” on more than one occasion. (I just didn’t document it on Instagram, ha!)

The truth is, I feel better mentally when I put on “real” clothes. When I take the time to pick out an outfit I like and you know, occasionally brush my hair, I just feel better about life. Does this happen every day? No. Depending on the day, or how well I slept, I might very well wear the clothes I slept in all day long.

what helps me get dressed

But honestly, since I’ve been working from home the past (6?) years, that hasn’t changed much. There were days long before Indy that I never made it out of the blue Theta scrubs from my college days. And still, the days I took the time to get dressed, even if I wasn’t leaving the house (working from home can keep you a little isolated!), I was more productive, and maybe felt a little happier with the world?

This is the thing I love about clothes. I love finding colors and patterns and ways to mix and match things I’ve had in my closet for over a decade. It’s fun for me and makes me feel like ME. One thing that’s helped me a lot in the past couple of years? Making that monthly style challenge on Instagram.

The November 2019 Style Challenge Calendar

(I make a new calendar each month!)

november style challenge - JK Style

On days I feel like putting on the same pair of jeans and black top I take a look at the calendar and get inspired. Sometimes I follow the prompts, sometimes I don’t. Some days I create an outfit out of pieces I never would have imagine pairing together before and love how it works! Some days I wear the most simple combination of items and that’s OK too. 

what helps me get dressed - JK Style
I threw on this tee and cardigan and honestly, this outfit got more compliments than most! Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best!

The point is, I’m getting dressed, I’m wearing the clothes in my closet, and I’m feeling a little more hopeful about my day. 

You definitely don’t have to post outfit photos every day, or ever. You don’t even have to be on Instagram. You don’t have to tell me you’re following the prompts, or tell anyone for that matter. But, if you’re feeling stuck in a rut and wanting to get out of the yoga pants/tee routine (or whatever your “outfit of the day” usually is), give it a try. Use my, or someone else’s prompts to help you get a little creativity and a little more YOU into your day. 

I’ve owned all these pieces for YEARS and have never worn them all together like this until last week!

I’m challenging you to try it for a few days, see how it feels and how it changes your day. Are you in?

Want some more help coming up with outfit ideas? Try this!

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