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Trying to Be a Better Fashion Blogger in 2019

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If you follow any other fashion bloggers on social media (I say other, because obviously you’re here, so I’m assuming you already follow me) you know how it’s supposed to work.

Fashion blogger writes post or shares photos of themselves wearing cute outfits and then 1) gives you outfit inspiration and 2) shows you where to buy what they’re wearing. They’ll include links to the clothing or show you similar items so you can replicate their look.

I have never been good at sharing photos of myself. There’s no need to launch into a story of low self-esteem or fear or judgement on the internet so let’s get to why I’m writing this. I’m trying to be better about outfit photos this year! Which, you wouldn’t know if you only follow me here. I still do my style challenges over on Instagram and am actually trying to participate in them too! :)

I know not everyone is into Instagram so I’ll try to start doing some roundups of my photos on here too! Here are a few of the most recent!

I’m still so in love with this silver metallic jacket (from the Who What Wear line at Target bought last year) and this white tee (the perfect one!) is from Target’s Prologue line.

I looove this Zara top I bought a couple of years ago. The hi/low detail makes it interesting but it’s still easy to wear. I usually pair it with gray denimĀ  and it’s an easy, easy outfit that looks like I tried harder than I did!

One of my favorite outfits lately for sure! I paired a metallic gold and black sweater with black joggers (Target, again!) and gold loafers and a bright green coat I found at Marshalls last year.

If I ever get used to taking photos of myself I might even start doing more outfit posts over here. We shall see!

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