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Happy New Year: January Style Challenge!

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Hello friends! I’m happy to be back from my mini blog-break and I’m ready for a really good 2017! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s and while I’ll recap a little more of my Christmas break sometime this week I wanted to start off the new year with a challenge! A style challenge, to be exact!

2017 Style Challenge

I’m not too big on New Year’s resolutions (I put plenty of pressure on myself daily, thank you.) but I thought it would be fun to try to up my style game in 2017. For me, this means wearing what I love, finding new ways to wear items I have, and weeding out the clothing, shoes, and accessories I keep hanging out to and never seem to wear! I’ve got plenty of clothing that makes it through closet clean-outs but still never sees the light of day! My goal is that by January of next year I’ve paired things down, gotten more creative with my styling, and am only wearing clothing that I truly love!┬áIf you are interested in joining me, my January challenge started yesterday!

Here’s the gist:

  • Every day for the month will have a theme, it could be as simple as a color theme, a pattern, a favorite item, etc. (I’ll break down the January schedule below to help answer any questions you might have!)
  • Play along with me as little or as often as you’d like! Want to tackle the challenge every day? Do it! Totally forget about it and decide to try it one day at the end of the month? That’s fine too!
  • Every month will present a new challenge and will eventually result in us weeding out some clothing, and fully defining our style!

I’d LOVE to know when you join a day’s challenge so feel free to post photos to my Facebook, tag me in your Instagram photos (@JKStyle1) and use hashtag #JKStyleJanuary so I can follow along! I’ll choose a couple of people each month at random to highlight and send some fun surprises to! Again, you don’t have to join the challenge every day, just when you feel like it! (I mean, I may not even do it every day…ha!)

Here’s the January style challenge and a breakdown of the days:

Join the JK Style 2017 January Style Challenge

  • 1/1: Wear a little sparkle! Nail polish, sequins, whatever!
  • 1/2: Show off your nails!
  • 1/3: Think bracelets, cuffs, watches, etc.
  • 1/4: Wear pink! (See, this is easy!)
  • 1/5: Forget your stand-by neutral flats and go for your fanciest pair today!
  • 1/6: Polka dots and stripes? Florals and checks? Mix some prints today!
  • 1/7: Don’t save it for a special occasion, wear your favorite top today!
  • 1/8: Wear or accessorize in black & white
  • 1/9: Wear a watch!
  • 1/10: Add some pink as a highlight to your outfit, maybe a bag, belt, or jewelry!
  • 1/11: Tie your scarf in a bow, look for a bow accessory, etc. Get creative!
  • 1/12: Channel your inner Parisian! Wear all black, wear an Eiffel Tower charm, however you want to play it!
  • 1/13: Make today a little more glam than normal!
  • 1/14: Whether you’re rocking chic sneakers or snuggled up in yoga pants, make today sporty
  • 1/15: Carry your favorite bag today!
  • 1/16: Pick your favorite (or combine them both!)
  • 1/17: Bring out your best winter whites!
  • 1/18: Grab some bold lipstick today!
  • 1/19: Wear something you scored at a major deal!
  • 1/20: Yep, simply wear your favorite color today!
  • 1/21: Leave the neutral shoes and rock something with color today!
  • 1/22: Elevate your Sunday look a bit!
  • 1/23: Pick a shade and wear it all over!
  • 1/24: Wear red. (I think you’re getting the hang of this now…)
  • 1/25: Pick one, or both!
  • 1/26: Wear something that reminds of a fun time in life, a special event, or a childhood outfit! Bonus points if you wear an item you’ve owned for over 15 years!
  • 1/27: Pull out something from the back of your closet and make it work!
  • 1/28: Put together an outfit you think will never go out of style.
  • 1/29: Warm it up with a pretty scarf today!
  • 1/30: Wear something green!
  • 1/31: Go bold today! Whether it’s a chunky necklace, statement shoes, or bold colors, today is the day to go bold!

I really, really hope you all participate in the style challenge some this month! I’m excited to get started and see where we end up a year from now! Plan to join me occasionally? Please leave a comment and let me know!!

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