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JK Style February Style Challenge

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I feel like January was here and gone in a flash! I had a lot of fun with the JK Style January Style Challenge so I figured why not do it again for February? If you want to follow along, please do! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, participation-wise since I haven’t done a challenge before and I don’t have a huge social media following. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hashtag – #jkstylejanuary was used over 300 times on Instagram this month with women participating from all over! It was fun checking in every day and seeing how someone interpreted that day’s challenge.

jk style january style challenge recap

As a reminder, you can participate on any days you’d like, so don’t worry if you miss a day, or 20 days! (I didn’t even make it every day in January!) Here’s the schedule for February in case you want to follow along!

The JK Style February Style Challenge!

JK Style 2017 February Style Challenge

2/1 something white (see how easy this is?)
2/2 something you got for a bargain
2/3 floral print, floral-anything!
2/4 your cozy clothes!
2/5 the shoes you’re wearing
2/6 mixing patterns, prints, your outfit combo, whatever!
2/7 skirts!
2/8 anything gray
2/9 show me how you accessorize
2/10 show me your socks!
2/11 plaids…(I think you’re getting the hang of this)
2/12 anything goes!
2/13 metallics – gold, silver, copper, whatever!
2/14 Valentine’s Day, red, pink, hearts, anything!
2/15 your favorite mascara, your lashes, whatever you choose!
2/16 yellow
2/17 show me how you style date night!
2/18 your favorite clutch
2/19 anything sparkly! (nails, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc.)
2/20 blue
2/21 something you haven’t worn in a while
2/22 vintage or something that reminds you of an earlier time
2/23 black
2/24 necklaces
2/25 boots!
2/26 anything goes!
2/27 show off your nails!
2/28 go bold!

If you’re on Instagram, follow me (@JKStyle1) and use hashtag #jkstylefebruary so I can check out your style all February long!

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