Oklahoma Fashion Week 2014: Day 4

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It’s so great to see the Fashion Week event crowds get bigger every night!


Empire Slice House


Empire Slice House in the Plaza District hosted a fashion and art party with some artists, designers, hair/makeup people and music.

Desmond and Andrea Mason


Desmond Mason was one of the featured artists of the night. If you’re not local (or a basketball fan), Mason played college basketball at OSU and then played in the NBA for several years (he also won the slam dunk contest once!). Mason is now an artist living and working in Oklahoma City.
Some other artwork from the evening:

Art Work (2)


okfw day 4 033



One of my favorite parts of being “media” for these events is that I can totally take pictures of stranger’s outfits and it’s completely acceptable. 

okfw day 4 045


Fashion Week Style


OK Fashion Week (6)


T Wood and LT Hunt
T Wood and LT Hunt
I spoke to these awesome girls about attending events this week and their interest in fashion week. Wood is a freelance designer with Gift of Time Design and Hunt owns The Closet Collection, an online boutique that does a lot with emerging designers. I’ll definitely be following both of their work!
One really cool thing about this week is meeting people in person that I follow or have connected with on social media. I was able to visit with Mary last night, from A Cuppa Fashion blog, and we seem to have a lot in common!

Fashion Blogger Mary King

It’s always nice to see familiar faces at events like these so not only do I now have someone new  to talk to, I also have a new blog to read!


Fashion Week Model
Fashion Week Model
OK Fashion Week Model
Fashion Week Model


OK Fashion Week (9)

OK Fashion Week (7)

One of the events I’ve really been looking forward to this week takes place tonight at Penn Square Mall from 6-8. There’s a Rag Trade competition that’s been going on this week where students have entered their own designs with the public voting on their favorite. There will also be a fashion show featuring “emerging” designers Amanda Moore, Cenia NYC Macy’s, and Victoria Roberts. I’ve already contacted Amanda about speaking with her tonight after the show so stay tuned for that tomorrow!  
If you are local and you love fashion, come out tonight!! It sounds like it’s going to be really great!







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