My Fashion Conundrum

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Hello, friends! I’ve had the entire house to myself this morning (which is a rare event) and am actually getting to work! Believe it or not, Indy and Pax do not seem to care that I haven’t been able to provide my expert opinions on matters of fashion and beauty lately. :)

baby asleep in bassinet
Just a tired mom and her new boss.

I actually had another day this week to leave the house solo and took my first trip to the mall in well over a year. (!!!!!) I was quite excited and had even planned to spend some Christmas money I still had, but left empty-handed. Between my still re-adjusting post-baby body, having lived in comfy clothes for the past 15 months, and not feeling super-inspired by anything I saw, I left kind of disappointed. 

Is anyone else having trouble adjusting to “real” clothes, post-2020?

Or maybe it’s just post-baby.  I remember after Indy was born I felt this strong urge to change up my look or buy something expensive (and totally not practical) when he was a few months old. I even wrote about it here

All the clothing items I did like this week were definitely not practical for my work-from-home, full-time mother of tiny children lifestyle. 

mom with baby and toddler
My life as of late.

I have no real point in typing any of this other than to see if maybe anyone else feels similar. 

Clothes have always been such a creative outlet for me and I think I’ve been in a cycle of athleisure to maternity athleisure to postpartum athleisure and I just want my old life back.


Kind of.

I know I have plenty of clothes in my closet to work with. I know I have created dozens of pieces of content to help people with creating new outfits and finding inspiration. I just need to trust the process and see where I end up. 

I guess I’m now on some sort of mental and spiritual journey to find my style as a late 30-something, mother of two, business-owner who works from home. If you see that department next time you’re shopping, let me know. :)

How about you? Has getting dressed been more difficult for you lately? Or are you finally back in a groove? Let me know!

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