My Experiment with a No-Black Wardrobe

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Last year I went a full week without wearing any black-colored clothing. It was tough because it’s my favorite color to wear! It was a good experiment though, and one I likely need to try every so often just to mix things up a bit! 

Remember my rash decision to take a step back from all the black clothes I love? I made the decision a few weeks ago to go a week without black clothes, shoes, anything! Here’s what I learned.

1. I have a lot of clothes

Yes, the black clothes are easy to wear. (I mean, they go with everything!) I have lots of black options regardless of the weather or event and they’re always the first things I grab.

But, I have lots (and lots) of clothes in my closet that need to be worn. If I’m not wearing them, why do I have them, right?

With this experiment I rediscovered some old favorites and some new outfits I’ll be repeating.

2. It’s a good exercise in creativity.

No black anything, including shoes, bags or jewelry meant getting creative! The top I wanted to wear (that I always pair with black pants) meant finding another option!

It took me a little longer to get dressed most days but overall it was more fun too.

3. I still love black

This exercise in dressing didn’t make me want to give up all my black clothes. It made me aware of my patterns of dressing (wearing the same things over and over), which is what I was looking for.

If I were creating a capsule wardrobe mine would likely have a lot of black in it!

I’m not getting rid of my black items, but I will try to incorporate more pieces that don’t get worn as much into my outfits!

This has also made me want to try some new challenges, in fact, I think I’m ready for another! Check back Wednesday to see what it is. :)

Originally published June 10, 2019

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  1. Great post! It’s really hard not to buy black because it’s always a great go-to

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