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Fashion Over 30: Pt. 1 Graphic Tees and Leopard Print

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Yesterday I shared the ridiculousness that is those lists of things you’re supposed to stop wearing once you reach a certain age (usually 30, 40 or older). Today let’s tackle the first two on the list: graphic tees and leopard print! We’re talking fashion over 30 on OUR terms!

Fashion over 30 list part 1

1. Graphic or screen printed tees

First, let’s note how serious I take my disdain for these lists as the first item I’m defending is a t-shirt! (You know how I feel about those!) But really, while there are lots of tees I’d never be caught in (the majority of them), I definitely think you can find chic tees that are always great no matter how old you are! It’s ALL about the styling!

And while I’m usually not all about the t-shirts, I totally get that some of you are! (And I promise I still like you!) A few tees that make my cut:

over 30 style graphic tees

Mon Amour // Pineapple // Yes but No // Strawberry // Quill

Do you have to pair your tee with tiny shorts or ripped jeans similar to how your teenage daughter (or granddaughter) would wear it? Of course not! Pair it with your favorite dress pants, a cardigan or blazer, a pencil skirt, whatever. Style it up so sophisticated no one will ever question “Should you be wearing that?” (The answer to that, by the way, is YES.)

Look how gorgeous this pink graphic tee looks here:

graphic tee outfit over 30

NYC San Francisco Tee (This is $10.90!)

And if that look isn’t you, you can still go cute and casual! My mom actually has this tee from Kohls. And she’s just a tad over 30! :) Styled with your favorite denim, black pants, or skirt and you’ve got yourself an outfit! P.S. This top is currently on sale for $7.99!


American Summer 


2. Leopard Print

I know, I know, you guys have let me know in the past that you LOVE leopard print! I’m sure some of you were baffled that someone would even SUGGEST you stop wearing it! Good thing we don’t listen to people’s opinions, right?

fashion over 30 leopard print

Bracelet // Scarf // Shoes // Bag // Belt // Skirt


The thing with leopard is that by now it’s pretty much just considered a neutral. Which means you can incorporate it as much (or as little) as you’d like!

Want to go all in? A leopard blouse or dress can be a gorgeous statement!

Leopard Blouse

Wear it with your dark jeans and heels for a night out, with a black pencil skirt for work, or under a cardigan with flats for a casual take. And if that’s a little more leopard than you’d like, there’s always the accessory route!

fashion over 30 leopard print

Stop by next week and look for Part 2 where I’ll tackle sparkly pants and oversized sunglasses! Since you’re already here, have you entered my anniversary giveaway??

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  1. My leopard flats are one of my very favorite pair of shoes and there is no way they are going anywhere when I turn 30 in a few months!

  2. I love graphic tees and leopard print. I love graphic tees because they are so versatile – you can wear them with jeans and sneakers or even with a high waisted pencil skirt and heels. So many choices!

  3. I’m over 50 and don’t wear tshirts out. I’m not a print person either. I’m very small so it overpowers me.

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