Fashion Over 30: 10 Things You Should Keep Wearing

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I come across a lot of fashion articles during the week and a few are worth checking out. I like info about trends, styling hacks, etc., but for some reason I always have to click on any kind of “fashion over ___ (age)” lists. Headlines like “The  Top 10 Things NOT to wear over 30” or “15 Things Only 50+ Women Should Wear” always get my attention, and generally always make me mad! There’s no set list of items you have to stop wearing at a certain age! The bottom line is if you like it, wear it.

fashion over 30

Now obviously if my goal is classy and sophisticated some clothing items might fall outside of that spectrum. But cutting an entire thing like leopard print? No way! The most recent lists I’ve seen were so ridiculous that I figured it was time to address them! I pulled the biggest offenders from them and put into a list and I’ve got to say I’ve worn every single thing here in the last year! (And several within the last week!) I’ll give you the list and then I’ll spend some time this week and next showing how I wear these items and how I could care less if I’m too old or not! ;)

The list:

  1. Graphic or screen printed tees
  2. Leopard print
  3. Sparkly pants
  4. Oversized sunglasses
  5. Ear Cuffs
  6. Tulle Skirts
  7. Glitter Nail Polish
  8. Trendy Denim
  9. Loud Accessories
  10. Beaded or jeweled tops

What stands out to you as the biggest offender here? (Other than the fact that these lists are around to begin with!) I’ll tackle part of the list tomorrow. Until then, keep wearing what you want!

Originally published July 27, 2016

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  1. All of these are things anybody should wear whenever! I just wish I had the guts to wear sparkly pants or tulle skirts. I love seeing them but I don’t feel confident enough for them :(

  2. I’m pretty sure that no matter how old I get, I will be wearing graphic tees and oversize sunglasses. Who cares about rules anyway? ;)


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