Fall Fashion Trends I’m Expecting to See

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I’ve been keeping a close eye on fall fashion trends and predictions and after comparing dozens of lists from industry experts and insiders (yes, there was a spreadsheet involved) I’m ready to make my own predictions for the upcoming season!

fall fashion trends on JK Style

Here are a few of the fashion trends I’m expecting to see this year:

1. Business Chic
business chic by H&M - JK Style

I don’t know if it’s an ode to the working woman or something to do with Hilary’s pantsuits, but professional dress and business attire are definitely in for fall.

2. Velvet

velvet dress - fall fashion trends - JK Style

Smocked Dress in Crushed Velvet (ASOS)

I have never been a huge velvet fan, it’s just never been my thing. I am curious to see if it grows on me this fall as we’ll be seeing a lot of it!

3. Florals

floral sweatshirt - fall fashion trends on JK Style

Floral Sweatshirt (Zara)

Telling you florals are a fashion trend almost seems a little silly, but I think the kinds of florals they’re referring to are more like rich, bold prints in traditional fall hues. I’ve seen them called “couch florals” or “moody” florals, so take that how you will!

4. Deconstruction

deconstructed top - fall fashion trends- JK Style

H&M Blouse

Undone seams, raw hemlines, clothing that looks just a little, well, messy, is expected to be big this year.

5. Fur

Faux fur jacket - fall fashion trends on JK Style

Faux Fur Jacket (Zara)

Before you go and dig Grandma’s coat out of the attic, you don’t have to go the real fur route. A fun faux fur over your favorite party dress can liven things up a bit this fall!

6. Checks/Plaids

plaid check pencil skirt from ASOS - JK Style

Plaid Check Pencil Skirt (ASOS)

Large print, small, get your checks and plaids in however you’d like!

Some honorable mentions we may be seeing a lot of this season: “Americana”, fringe, sheer, shearling, boxy items, western, silver shimmer, red, pale pink, and gold.

Tell me, which trends are you most looking forward to embracing this fall?

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