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Guys, I’m in a slump. I had to run some errands yesterday and ended up on a mission to find an Easter dress and maybe some spring/summer clothes I’d be excited about and everything was just kind of “blah’. I’m over all the current styles in stores and just need some inspiration.

Somehow yesterday I ended up trying on about twenty different jumpsuits, NONE of which came close to fitting. My torso is really long so they have to be cut long to even come close- and none of them did.

I ended up bringing home a few things, some which I haven’t even tried on yet. I grabbed a basic red maxi dress from Marshall’s to try. And then also bought this off-the-shoulder dress from Target to see if it’ll work. (You might recognize it from last week’s post!)

I have no idea if it’ll work, or if it’s even me, but we’ll see!

I also brought home a black sweatshirt/sweater with a tulle waist, because, why not?

Nothing too spectacular, but it was literally the most interesting thing I saw yesterday!

I think I need some inspiration. Since a trip to Paris or NYC is probably not in the cards right now, I’ll have to search elsewhere. Any recommendations? Where do you go for inspiration?

Oh! Just a reminder to my OKC friends, the Kate Spade outlet store opens THIS Friday, March 16 at 10 AM! I’ll be there ready to shop (and maybe get inspired)! Let me know if I’ll see you there!

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  1. Susan says:

    I usually buy my clothes second hand. Uptown Cheapskate, Clothes Mentor, and Daisy Exchange are probably my most shopped stores. This is not to say that when I find something there that is new with tags I don’t get excited because I sure do. I think I just like that there are so many different styles not just what is currently on the rack. I have a huge wardrobe but I’ve bought it at a fraction of the cost. And people don’t know that it’s second hand. I get compliments constantly.

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