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It’s been a few years since I’ve been in school, but there’s something about this time of year that gets me excited to buy new notebooks, pencils, and clothes, of course! I’m sure you would guess, but clothes were pretty important to me in school. In fact, I was voted “Best Dressed” my senior year of high school. (And “Most Likely to Succeed”. Still trying to live up to that one!) 
senior picture
What? Your school didn’t require an off-the-shoulder feather top for yearbook photos? We were super classy. I may not be headed off to school this year, but I’ve got a few opinions on back to school looks! So whether you’re headed back to high school, to the college dorms, or to the classroom as a teacher, I’ve got you covered!


Student Style

back to school 1


 I’m not on board with the “roll out of bed, wear your pajama pants to class” look that is popular with many college students. If you want to be treated like an adult, dress like one. (One who is gainfully employed.) I definitely would have worn this outfit in college (and now!). Flats for fast walks between classes and a bag large enough to hold your laptop. You’re set.


back to school 2

 If you’re in high school, there’s no reason to feel obligated to wear the standard jeans, flip flops, and school t-shirt. (Unless that’s your thing, in which case, you probably aren’t reading this.) Try something new and dress it up a bit!


back to school 5

Backpacks aren’t critical you know, any large (cute) bag will do! And don’t forget to throw a sweater in your locker or bag for those  days when the A/C is cranked up!


Teacher Style



I had a conversation with a friend who is a teacher once and she mentioned how important she thought it was to dress nice for her job as an elementary school teacher.  This doesn’t mean she wears fancy dresses or heels, but she looks professional and put-together, which she thought set a great example for the kids. And I agree! 


back to school 4


See? It doesn’t take much to make a stylish statement! You may want to skip the white cardigan if you’re dealing with elementary school kids and finger paints, of course, but you get the idea!



Just because your days are spent at a chalkboard (wait, does anyone still use those? Dry-erase board?) doesn’t mean you can’t feel feminine and pretty! Grab a twirly skirt and watch your mood improve. You just can’t have a bad day in a twirly skirt. 
Are you headed back to school in some function? What are you wearing?

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