An Unexpected Purchase

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It’s been a while since I visited the mall, or really done any shopping at all. But I found myself in Dillards last week and came across an item that caught my eye. This was exciting for many reasons, one of which is that I finally found something that I liked! I’ve been in a bit of a shopping slump lately. Nothing has seemed very interesting to me for the past few months and rather than buying just for the sake of buying, I’ve just been sitting tight, waiting until I actually found something I really wanted.
What I found was, well, not really something that I would have ever purchased before probably. I wouldn’t have said it really fit my general style, and honestly, this time last year, I may have not liked it at all! But as it is, I saw it, I liked it and it made me happy. So, I bought it!

kimono dillards

Yes, that would be sequins AND fringe. (And yes, I know I just said recently that I’m not a fringe person.) For whatever reason, I really loved this kimono so I bought it. (It didn’t hurt that it was on sale!) So, what does this mean?
1. Your personal style (like every other part of your life) is always evolving. Let it. 
2. Trust your gut. I put that kimono on and immediately felt happy. What more could you want from a piece of clothing?
3. Experiment with your style, but err on the side of budget. If you’re looking at an item outside your comfort zone, make sure you can afford it just in case you decide it’s really not you six months down the road!
4. Don’t let stores, magazines, Pinterest, or even your friends dictate your style. Whether something is trendy or not right now or six months from now shouldn’t matter. Wear what makes you happy! 
Have you purchased something recently that was kind of out of character? Share your experience with me!

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