5 Fall Trends to Know About

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Ah, trends. They come and go, and then come back again! Which is great for a couple of reasons. 1) Just about the time we get bored with something it’s time for something new! And 2), If you hate a trend, just wait it out! (But know it’ll be back.) I’ve got five fall trends to share with you today and in full disclosure, I’m not in love with all of them. But that’s OK, they’ll be gone again soon!

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1. The 90s

If you’ve been anywhere lately you’ve likely seen these 90s looks popping up. My trip to Target recently felt like I was in Cher Horowitz’s closet (remember that closet??). Remember the iconic yellow plaid?

fall trends - 90s style - JK Style

Here’s the thing about the 90s. If you’re under the age of 30, you might be thinking this is kind of fun.  High-waisted jeans, boxy blazers, oversized plaid prints, any kind of Ralph Lauren equestrian-esque turtleneck with a plaid jacket and riding boots. (Remember how every magazine in the 90s had a full page ad with this outfit?) If you’re over the age of 30, you probably remember how the fashions of the 90s weren’t exactly known for being flattering. Do with this trend what you’d like.

2. The Power Blazer

Still slightly in the 90s category, these menswear-style jackets are making a strong showing.

fall trends - power blazer - JK Style

I’m always a fan of a good blazer, it’s such an easy way to dress up any look. I can definitely get behind this trend!

fall trends - power blazer - JK Style


fall trends - power blazer - JK Style



3. Logos

Another trend I’m not personally in love with. I’ve never been big on wearing logos (Chanel, I’ll make an exception for you.) but if you’re into this, get excited. You can do designer logo head to toe, or grab your favorite brand’s tee.

Gucci logo dress- JK Style

Gucci Logo Dress 

Levi's tee - JK Style

Levi’s Tee 

4. Colorful tights

fall trends - blue tights - JK Style

Blue Tights

Wait, did we do colorful tights in the 90s? I mean, I remember wearing colorful tights but was it a trend then or was I just into it? Either way, don’t be afraid to grab some colorful tights!

5. Ankle Length Skirts

Store your minis and look for length! You’ll be able to find lots of options this fall and these skirts can carry you through the winter and into spring too! Two nice things about this trend? This length will elongate your leg AND show off your shoes! (The price you have to pay with maxi skirts that hit the floor!)

ankle length skirt - JK Style

Foil Pleated Skirt

ankle-length skirt - JK Style

Knit Skirt

There are plenty of other trendy things to try out if none of these are your style – items that sparkle, anything plaid, shearling coats, animal prints, and pops of neon will round out the fall. Get ready! Or don’t and just wear what you want. ;)

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