Worth the Splurge?

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I fell in love over the weekend. It was completely unexpected and happened so quickly. I’m pretty sure it’s mutual, too.


unnamedThose clean lines. That beautiful color. The stunning hardware. Yes, I’m in love with that turquoise bag. Look, I even folded the corner of the page down. That’s when you know it’s real.  The designer, John Edwards, won the Independent Handbag Designer Award for Best in Overall Style and Design. He now has the opportunity to have his bags sold in Bloomingdales (not a bad prize!). I’m guessing this particular bag will have a wait list! It sells for $450, so it’s quite a splurge, and a commitment! With the bright and bold color, would you really be able to carry it a lot? So glad you asked! Let’s see if I can come up with a few outfits worthy to be seen with this gorgeous bag!


worth the splurge cover


florian london bag outfit 1

florian london bag outfit 2

florian london bag outfit 3

florian london outfit 4

florian london outfit 5

florian london outfit 6

florian london outfit 7

florian london bag outfit 8

Which outfit is your favorite? It may be a bit out of my price range at the moment (or, more than a bit!), but I’ve got lots of ideas about how I could carry a similar bag that’s a little more budget-friendly! 

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