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I love reading fashion magazines to see what the latest trends are, what colors are going to be big, and what to expect from stores in coming months.  It’s fun to see what styles worked last season, how they’re changing for the current season, and whether “experts” are telling you to wear/not wear/store/throw away some particular item or trend. Of course, I don’t usually take their advice (if I want to wear something I’ll wear it, regardless of it’s in “in” now or not!) but I do like seeing what’s trending and if I think it’ll be something I like! I also like to see what non-experts, people like you and me, are wanting and wearing. Finding out what average people are buying and how they’re styling it gives me more inspiration than seeing what teenage pop stars are wearing!

One of the sites I check out often if I’m on the hunt for an item, ShopStyle, pulls items from tons of stores so I can do a search for something like “black ankle boots”, set a few filters and find what I want! I also like viewing all their items in terms of what’s most popular. I thought I’d share with you what’s currently trending on ShopStyle, meaning people like you and me are checking it out and/or buying it, and see whether or not I like it to!

1. Nars Multiple Makeup Stick ($39)


I have never tried this makeup stick but two things I know. 1) Nars has a great reputation and others products I’ve tried of theirs have been excellent. 2) If this is currently THE most favorite product on a website featuring tens of thousands of items, you’ve got my attention. Anyone tried it? $39 isn’t exactly cheap so I need to know if it’s really worth it!

2. Adidas Gazelle Original Snake-Embossed Sneaker ($100)

ShopStyle Trend Adidas Gazelle Snake-Embossed Sneaker

I’m not a sneakers kind of girl. I’ve got a pair of pewter slip on sneakers that I will wear when necessary but I’m just not into the whole athleisure thing. Even if they’re snake-embossed. :)

3. Jeffrey Campbell Cors Suede Peep Toe Bootie ($164.95)


First thought, this could be cute, but they’re a little more boho than is really my style I think. Also, peep toe booties (and ones that are totally open across the front as well) can be a little tricky weather-wise. It needs to be cold enough to justify an ankle boot, but not so cold that your feet aren’t freezing. That probably leaves us with about 2 1/2 days in September. Or if you wear socks with these type of bootie it gives you totally different vibe. I’m kind of glad I’m not that into them so I don’t have to figure it out!

4. Rebecca Taylor Sleeveless Pintucked Lace-Trim Midi Dress ($166)

Rebecca Taylor Sleeveless Pintucked Lace-Trim Midi Dress

First thought, this looks like something my friend Stephanie either has or would like. It’s a simple, pretty white dress. I can see why people would like it and it makes sense that it’s a popular item, plus the price has dropped from $475 so I’m sure big fans are trying to grab one! For me? If I saw this and it fit well and was under $40? Sure. Otherwise, pass.

5. ASOS Off Shoulder Mini Dress ($25)


Love the red color, love the off-the-shoulder trend this year. But I’m pretty sure this dress would be about six inches too short for me!

How do you line up with these consumer favorites? Does your personal style line up with what’s trending these days or are you happy to go your own way?


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